git/cg-bachelorUniversity CG Bachelor's Thesis3 years
git/dont-hangA simple GTK+ hangman game inspired by bsd-games’ hangman.11 months
git/gui-prog-anmeldenAnmeldeserver für meinen Workshop15 months
git/gui-prog-gtkAlle Dateien zu meinem GTK+-Workshop14 months
git/gui-prog-terminTerminwahlserver für meinen Workshop3 years
git/guile-localwebsearchA local file search engine with Web interface.8 months
git/guile-wip-pfClone of Guile with own patches
git/haunt-wip-pfClone of Haunt with own patches
git/os-parabolarEFInd icons for Parabola GNU/Linux-libre3 years
git/pacpakCreate Flatpak apps with pacman23 months
git/pelzfloriande-websiteSource code for my website.11 months
git/theater-fuer-kappler-grundschulkinderTheaterstücke von Elfriede Pelz.12 months
git/vergessenes-landErlebnisse meines Großvaters.8 months