BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterPut the guessed text in a scrolled window.Florian Pelz3 years
1.1commit fdd87fd020...Florian Pelz3 years
1.0commit 568cbf31bb...Florian Pelz3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2017-07-29Release Pelz
2017-07-25Escape Pango markup before displaying it in a label.Florian Pelz
2017-07-23Don’t assign a direction to hidden neutral characters.Florian Pelz
2017-07-19Make the installation of Freedesktop files optional.Florian Pelz
2017-07-19Fix bidirectional text support.Florian Pelz
2017-07-16Add comments for translators about the meaning of format strings.Florian Pelz
2017-07-16Ignore carriage return at the end of a line.Florian Pelz
2017-07-16Reveal all whitespace by default, not just U+0020 (space character).Florian Pelz
2017-07-12Added Russian translationAssel Kaipiyeva
2017-06-27Added Turkish translationMerve Şen