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masterMake licensing even clearer in the README.Florian Pelz5 years
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2017-11-16Make licensing even clearer in the README.HEADmasterFlorian Pelz
2017-11-16READMEs should mention the license.Florian Pelz
2017-11-03Dump the final 2017 files all at once. đŸ˜ˆFlorian Pelz
2017-10-24Use <Control> instead of <Ctrl> in accelerator names.Florian Pelz
2017-10-11Improve English posters’ wording.Florian Pelz
2017-10-11Add posters for 2017.Florian Pelz
2017-07-25Escape Pango markup in word list for hangman example.Florian Pelz
2017-07-19Remove broken bidirectional text support in the hangman example.Florian Pelz
2017-04-08Support paste from clipboardFlorian Pelz
2017-04-08Update date of authorshipFlorian Pelz