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authorFlorian Pelz <>2018-04-27 16:48:50 +0200
committerFlorian Pelz <>2018-04-27 16:48:50 +0200
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Fix R5RS formatting of space character syntax.
* doc/r5rs/r5rs.texi: Remove space at bad position.
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diff --git a/doc/r5rs/r5rs.texi b/doc/r5rs/r5rs.texi
index 5537fed3f..56e7bd221 100644
--- a/doc/r5rs/r5rs.texi
+++ b/doc/r5rs/r5rs.texi
@@ -5596,9 +5596,9 @@ If @r{<character>} in
#\@r{<character>} is alphabetic, then the character
following @r{<character>} must be a delimiter character such as a
space or parenthesis. This rule resolves the ambiguous case where, for
-example, the sequence of characters ``@t{#\ space}''
+example, the sequence of characters ``@t{#\space}''
could be taken to be either a representation of the space character or a
-representation of the character ``@t{#\ s}'' followed
+representation of the character ``@t{#\s}'' followed
by a representation of the symbol ``@t{pace}.''
@ignore todo