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Add more files that I wrote to the list in AUTHORS
* AUTHORS (Neil Jerram): Several files added.
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@@ -206,8 +206,34 @@ In the subdirectory doc, changes to:
Many changes throughout.
Neil Jerram:
+In the subdirectory emacs, wrote:
+ gds.el gds-scheme.el gds-server.el
+ gds-test.el gds-test.stdin
+ gds-tutorial.txt gds-faq.txt
In the subdirectory ice-9, wrote:
- buffered-input.scm
+ buffered-input.scm gds-client.scm gds-server.scm
+In the subdirectory ice-9/debugging, wrote:
+ example-fns.scm ice-9-debugger-extensions.scm
+ steps.scm trace.scm traps.scm
+ trc.scm
+In the subdirectory lang/elisp, wrote:
+ base.scm example.el interface.scm
+ transform.scm variables.scm
+In the subdirectory lang/elisp/internals, wrote:
+ evaluation.scm format.scm fset.scm
+ lambda.scm load.scm null.scm
+ set.scm signal.scm time.scm
+ trace.scm
+In the subdirectory lang/elisp/primitives, wrote:
+ buffers.scm char-table.scm features.scm
+ fns.scm format.scm guile.scm
+ keymaps.scm lists.scm load.scm
+ match.scm numbers.scm pure.scm
+ read.scm signal.scm strings.scm
+ symprop.scm syntax.scm system.scm
+ time.scm
+In the subdirectory srfi, wrote:
+ srfi-34.scm
In the subdirectory doc, wrote:
deprecated.texi goops.texi scheme-ideas.texi
@@ -227,6 +253,7 @@ In the subdirectory doc, changes to:
scm.texi scripts.texi script-getopt.texi
In the subdirectory doc/maint, wrote:
+Many other changes throughout.
Thien-Thi Nguyen:
In the top-level directory, wrote: