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"Recording Changes".
+Aubrey Jaffer:
+is the author of SCM, the Scheme interpreter upon which Guile is
+based. Guile started from SCM version 4e1 in November -94 and is
+still largely composed of the original SCM code.
George Carrette:
wrote files present in Siod version 2.3, released in December of 1989.
-Aubrey Jaffer:
-Changes to: eval.c, ioext.c, posix.c, gscm.c, scm.h, socket.c,
-gsubr.c, sys.c, test.scm, stime.c, and unif.c.
+Siod was the starting point for SCM. The major innovations taken from
+Siod are the evaluator's use of the C-stack and being able to garbage
+collect off the C-stack
Radey Shouman:
In the subdirectory libguile, wrote: