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Changes for reduced Guile distribution: one configure script,
no plugins. * Merged the old text from qt/ and libguile/; Tom Tromey says automake only wants one script. This seems fishy, but... * List the subdirectories explicitly; no more PLUGIN gubbish. * acconfig.h, acinclude.m4: Moved here from libguile, since libguile's configure script lives here now. * AUTHORS, INSTALL, README: Updated. *, aclocal.m4 configure: Regenerated. Just like amputated amphibian limbs.
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@@ -7,7 +7,6 @@ George Carrette:
wrote files present in Siod version 2.3, released in December of 1989.
Aubrey Jaffer:
-Wrote substantial portions of guile.texi, and surely others.
Changes to: eval.c, ioext.c, posix.c, gscm.c, scm.h, socket.c,
gsubr.c, sys.c, test.scm, stime.c, and unif.c.
@@ -15,43 +14,20 @@ Gary Houston: changes to many files in libguile.
wrote: libguile/socket.c, ice-9/expect.scm
Tom Lord: Many changes throughout.
-In the subdirectory ctax, wrote:
- hashtabs.scm macros.scm scm-ops.scm
- c-ops.scm grammar.scm lexer.scm reader.scm
-In the subdirectory gtcltk-lib, wrote:
- guile-tcl.c guile-tk.c
- guile-tcl.h guile-tk.h
-In the subdirectory guile, wrote:
- getopt.c getopt1.c
- getopt.h guile.c
In the subdirectory ice-9, wrote: lineio.scm poe.scm
boot-9.scm hcons.scm mapping.scm
-In the subdirectory lang, wrote:
- grammar.scm lr0.scm pp.scm
- lex.scm lr1.scm
-In the subdirectory rx, wrote:
- runtests.c rxbitset.h rxnfa.c rxspencer.c
- TESTS rx.c rxcontext.h rxnfa.h rxspencer.h
- TESTS2C.sed rx.h rxcset.c rxnode.c rxstr.c
- _rx.h rxall.h rxcset.h rxnode.h rxstr.h
- rxanal.c rxdbug.c rxposix.c rxsuper.c
- hashrexp.c rxanal.h rxgnucomp.c rxposix.h rxsuper.h
- inst-rxposix.h rxbasic.c rxgnucomp.h rxproto.h rxunfa.c
- rgx.c rxbasic.h rxhash.c rxsimp.c rxunfa.h
- rgx.h rxbitset.c rxhash.h rxsimp.h testcases.h
-In the subdirectory doc, wrote:
- ctax.texi gtcltk.texi in.texi lang.texi
-and portions of guile.texi.
-Anthony Green: wrote the original code in the 'threads' directory, and
+Anthony Green: wrote the following files in libguile:
+ coop-defs.h coop-threads.h fsu-pthreads.h mit-pthreads.h threads.h
+ coop-threads.c coop.c mit-pthreads.c threads.c
+and ice-9/threads.scm.
Mikael Djurfeldt:
In the subdirectory libguile, wrote:
backtrace.c debug.c options.c root.c srcprop.c stacks.c
backtrace.h debug.h options.h root.h srcprop.h stacks.h
-In the subdirectory threads, rewrote:
+In the subdirectory libguile, rewrote:
coop-threads.c coop.c mit-pthreads.c threads.c
coop-threads.h fsu-pthreads.h mit-pthreads.h threads.h
Many other changes throughout.