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* Added Jost to THANKS and AUTHORS list.
* Updated my personal authoring data.
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@@ -161,10 +161,23 @@ In the subdirectory example, wrote
Will Fitzgerald:
wrote initial srfi/srfi-19.scm.
+Jost Boekemeier:
+In the subdirectory libguile, wrote:
+ environments.c, environments.h
Dirk Herrmann:
In the subdirectory doc, changes to:
- data-rep.texi
- scm.texi
+ data-rep.texi, scm.texi
+In the subdirectory libguile, rewrote:
+ environments.c, environments.h
+In the subdirectory libguile, changes to:
+ error.c, gc.c, gc.h, numbers.c, strings.c, symbols.c
+In the subdirectory test-suite, rewrote:
+ lib.scm
+In the subdirectory test-suite/tests, wrote:
+ bit-operations.test, common-list.test, environments.test, eval.test,
+ gc.test, list.test, numbers.test, symbols.test, syntax.test
+Many other changes throughout.
Greg Badros:
In the subdirectory doc, changes to: