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Add German translation of R5RS.
* doc/r5rs/ Translation of r5rs.texi. * doc/r5rs/ Build and install it. * doc/translation-rationale-de: Rationale for translation choices.
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+The German translation of .texi files is contained in files ending in An attempt is made to ensure the German translation of
+Scheme-specific terms is close to the English term such that German
+readers are more likely to understand English error messages and
+discussions. Translations follow official new German orthography
+because people expect it. Generic masculine form is used for plural
+forms (e.g. “students” becomes “Studenten”, “researchers” becomes
+“Forscher”) when alternatives that do not generalize the male form are
+cumbersome. For singular forms (“user”) the female translation is
+preferred (“Nutzerin”). Common variable names (e.g. “char”, “string”,
+“tail”) are not translated. For R5RS, which is not case-sensitive,
+variable names are capitalized as nouns, but not within code.
+TODO: @samp and other Texinfo constructs do not yet use German
+punctuation. @node uses semicolons in place of commas.
+The following mapping was used for translations. German Wikipedia was
+frequently consulted for building the mapping.
+absolute value => Absolutbetrag
+actor => Akteur
+allocation => Zuteilung
+alphabetic character => Buchstabenzeichen
+alternate [of a logical
+ implication] => Alternative
+appear => vorkommen
+approximation => Annäherung
+association list => assoziative ListeT
+at sign => At-Zeichen (rather than “Klammeraffe” or
+ other colloquial terms)
+backquote => Backquote (there is no common German term)
+backslash => Backslash (there is no common German term)
+backtracking => Rücksetzverfahren (also mention the more
+ common English term!)
+binding => Bindung
+block structure => Blockstruktur
+body => Rumpf
+boundary condition => Randbedingung
+brace => geschweifte Klammer
+bracket => eckige Klammer
+branch cut [of a complex
+ function] => Verzweigungsschnitt
+call by name => als Namensparameter
+call by need => als Bedarfsparameter
+call by value => als Wertparameter
+carriage return => Wagenrücklauf
+category => Kategorie
+character => Zeichen
+clause [as in logic] => Klausel
+coerce => aufzwingen
+combination [procedure
+ call] => Kombination
+command => Befehl
+comment => Kommentar
+compiler => Übersetzer
+component => Bestandteil
+computer => Rechner
+consequent => Folgerung
+consistent => widerspruchsfrei, im Einklang,
+ konsistent, …
+constant => Konstante (declined as an adjective, i.e.
+ plural form is “zwei Konstante”, because it
+ is more logical than “zwei Konstanten”)
+construct => Konstrukt
+consumer [opposite of
+ producer] => Konsument
+contagious => ansteckend
+continuation => Fortsetzung
+control flow => Programmfluss (instead of alternative
+ Kontrollfluss, because it seems easier to
+ comprehend)
+coroutine => Ko-Routine
+datum => Datenelement
+definition => Definition
+delayed evaluation => verzögerte Auswertung
+denotational semantics => denotationelle Semantik
+derive => ableiten (rather than “herleiten”)
+dimension of type => Größendimension (in analogy to dimensions
+ in physics, which I suppose is meant by
+ )
+disjointness of types => Typfremdheit
+domain [mathematical
+ concept] => Definitionsbereich, Definitionsmenge
+dotted pair => gepunktetes Paar
+dynamic extent => dynamischer Bereich
+dynamically typed => dynamisch typisiert
+effect => Wirkung, Auswirkung
+entry [of the manual] => Eintrag
+enumerate => aufzählen
+environment => Umgebung
+equivalent [math] => äquivalent
+equivalent [sense of eqv?] => gleichwertig (this puts more emphasis on
+ the difference between eq? and eqv? and
+ math than “äquivalent”)
+error situation => Fehlersituation
+escape [of a character] => maskieren
+escape procedure => Ausstiegsprozedur (because it is easier to
+ understand than Fluchtprozedur)
+evaluation => Auswertung
+exact [of numbers] => exakt
+exclusive [of an interval] => nicht einschließlich
+expand [of a macro] => umschreiben (like “rewrite”, “transcribe”)
+expression => Ausdruck
+extension => Erweiterung
+extent [where an object is
+ alive] => Gültigkeitsbereich
+external representation => externe Darstellung (rather than
+ “Darstellung nach Außen” because “extern”
+ is closer to the English term, also rather
+ than “externe Repräsentation” because
+ “Darstellung” seems like the more usual
+ term in non-scientific circles)
+feature => Funktionalität
+field [of a record] => Komponente
+fix point => Festkomma
+fixnum => Festkommazahl
+floating point => Gleitkomma
+flonum => Gleitkommazahl
+force [a promise] => erzwingen
+form feed => Seitenvorschub
+formals => Formale
+hygienic => hygienisch
+identifier => Bezeichner
+inclusive [of an interval] => einschließlich
+index [list of terms] => Register
+index [position] => Index (plural “Indizes”)
+input => Eingabe
+integer => ganze Zahl
+interned symbol => interniertes Symbol
+interpreter => Interpreter (at first glance)
+iteration => Iteration
+keyword => Schlüsselwort
+latent type => latenter Typ
+lazy evaluation => verzögerte Auswertung (same as “delayed
+ evaluation”)
+level => Stufe
+lexical conventions => Schreibkonventionen
+lexical environment => lexikalische Umgebung
+lexicographic => alphabetisch (this translation is not
+ always correct but it is correct and more
+ common for the usages in the R5RS)
+library => Bibliothek
+line feed => Zeilenvorschub (not “Zeilenumbruch”, mind
+ the difference)
+list => Liste
+literal [kind of constant] => Literal
+location => Stelle
+loop => Schleife
+lower case => Kleinschreibung
+lowest terms [of a
+ fraction] => unkürzbar
+machine word => Maschinenwort
+macro => Makro
+manifest type => ausdrücklicher Typ
+memory => Speicher
+message passing style => nachrichtenübermittelnder Stil
+mutate => verändern (rather than “mutieren”, which
+ is not usually understood correctly)
+mutually recursive => wechselseitig rekursiv
+named let => benanntes let (bzw. großgeschrieben “Let”
+ in R5RS)
+newline => Zeilenvorschub
+non-local exit => nicht-lokaler Sprung (alternatively
+ “Sprung heraus” or perhaps “Ausstieg”,
+ depending on context)
+notation => Notation
+note => Anmerkung
+optional => optional
+output => Ausgabe
+parenthesis => (runde) Klammer
+parse => aufgliedern, verstehen, umwandeln,
+ verarbeiten, analysieren (as appropriate)
+pattern => Muster
+polar [coordinates] => polar
+port => Port (rather than e.g. “Buchse”, because
+ “Port” is closer to the English term)
+portable => portabel
+precision => Genauigkeit
+predicate => Prädikat
+primitive => Grundbaustein
+procedure => Prozedur
+proceedings [scientific
+ publication] => Sammelband
+producer [opposite of
+ consumer] => Produzent
+promise => Versprechen
+proper [mathematical
+ concept] => echt
+quote => maskieren (see “escape”)
+radix => Radix (“die Radix” rather than “Basis”)
+range => Bereich, Wertebereich (note similarity to
+ “scope” and to “extent”)
+rational number => rationale Zahl (rather than “Bruchzahl”)
+rationale => Begründung
+read-only memory => Nur-Lese-Speicher (instead of
+ “schreibgeschützter Speicher”, because it
+ is closer to the original wording)
+record => Verbund
+rectangular [complex
+ number] => kartesisch
+reference [bibliography] => Verweis
+reference [naming a value] => Referenz
+region [of a binding] => Region
+report [of a Scheme
+standards document] => Bericht
+report [to signal sth] => melden
+representation => Darstellung
+restriction => Einschränkung
+result => Ergebnis
+return [of a function] => einen Wert zurückgeben (since Scheme never
+ returns without a return value, this
+ translation can always be used), einen
+ Rücksprung durchführen
+rewrite => umschreiben (same as “expand”,
+ “transcribe”)
+rule => Regel
+scope => Sichtbarkeitsbereich
+sequencing [of operations] => Sequenzierung
+shadow [another variable] => überschatten
+side effect => Wirkung (rather than “Nebeneffekt”)
+signal [an error] => signalisieren
+slashification => Slashifizierung
+space character => Leerzeichen
+splice => spleißen (rather use the not so common
+ German term instead of the not so common
+ English term)
+state => Zustand
+storage => Speicher
+stream => Strom
+string => Zeichenkette (the term “String” is
+ mentioned but not preferred within the
+ text)
+strip [remove] => wegnehmen
+symbol => Symbol
+syntactic sugar => syntaktischer Zucker
+tab => Tabulatorzeichen
+tag [of a procedure
+ location] => Beschriftung
+tail call => endständiger Aufruf
+tail context => endständig
+tail recursion => Endrekursion
+template => Schablone
+test [verb] => prüfen
+Test [as an identifier] => Test (because it is easier to understand
+ compared to “Prüfung”)
+token => Token (rather than “Marke”)
+top level => oberste Ebene
+transcribe [of macros] => umschreiben (same as “rewrite”, “expand”)
+transcript [for logging] => Abschrift
+transformer [of macros] => Umwandler
+type => Typ (genitive “des Typs”)
+uninterned symbol => nicht interniertes Symbol
+unquote => demaskieren (see “quote”)
+unspecified => unbestimmt
+upper case => Großschreibung
+value => Wert
+variable => Variable (declined as an adjective, see
+ “constant”)
+vector => Vektor
+violation => Verletzung
+whitespace => Leerraum
+write [of the ‘write’
+ Scheme procedure] => schreiben