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2018-01-03$prompt is now its own kind of CPS term.Andy Wingo
2018-01-03$branch is now a distinct CPS term typeAndy Wingo
2015-06-02Factor with-cps out to separate moduleAndy Wingo
2015-05-08Beginnings of CPS2 language.Andy Wingo
2014-05-12Add syntax-parameterize indentation to .dir-locals.el.Andy Wingo
2014-04-11Root higher-order CPS term is always $kfun $contAndy Wingo
2014-04-10Rename $kentry to $kfunAndy Wingo
2014-04-10src and meta are fields of $kentry, not $funAndy Wingo
2014-04-03Add with-fresh-name-state-from-dfgAndy Wingo
2014-03-31Replace all let-gensyms uses with let-freshAndy Wingo
2014-03-31Continuation labels and variable identifiers may be integersAndy Wingo
2013-11-07Source information goes on the $continue, not the $cont.Andy Wingo
2013-08-31Add CPS languageAndy Wingo
2013-06-16Augment `.dir-locals.el'.Ludovic Courtès
2012-11-24Augment `.dir-locals.el'.Ludovic Courtès
2012-11-01test-suite: Add `pass-if-equal'.Ludovic Courtès
2010-07-16lower fill-column in .dir-locals.elAndy Wingo
2010-02-17Remove misplaced tabs from the manual.Ludovic Courtès
2010-01-03Add per-directory Emacs local variables.Ludovic Courtès