AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-04-27Add German translation of R5RS.Florian Pelz
2018-04-27Fix overlong line in the TeX output of R5RS title page.Florian Pelz
2018-04-27Fix R5RS formatting of space character syntax.Florian Pelz
2018-04-27Silence R5RS build warnings by Makeinfo.Florian Pelz
2018-04-13Remove unused macros in vm-engineAndy Wingo
2018-04-13Remove implementation of atomic box opsAndy Wingo
2018-04-13Explode atomic box ops to new atomic instructionsAndy Wingo
2018-04-12Remove implementation of logsub VM opAndy Wingo
2018-04-12logsub is intrinsicAndy Wingo
2018-04-12Remove implementations of obsolete s64->scm, u64->scm instsAndy Wingo
2018-04-12u64->scm, s64->scm intrinsicsAndy Wingo
2018-04-12Remove scm->u64, etc implementationsAndy Wingo
2018-04-12scm->u64, scm->s64, scm->u64/truncate intrinsicsAndy Wingo
2018-04-10Remove scm->f64, f64->scm implementationsAndy Wingo
2018-04-10Disable f64->scm instructionAndy Wingo
2018-04-10Instruction explosion for f64->scmAndy Wingo
2018-04-10Add reifier for fadd/immediate.Andy Wingo
2018-04-10Slim heap-allocated flonumsAndy Wingo
2018-04-10Add scm->f64 intrinsicAndy Wingo
2018-04-10Remove load-typed-array, make-array opcodesAndy Wingo
2018-04-10Remove class-of opcodeAndy Wingo
2018-04-10Class-of is intrinsicAndy Wingo
2018-04-10Add string->number etc as macro instructions to reify-primitivesAndy Wingo
2018-04-10Remove string->number, etc opcodesAndy Wingo
2018-04-10string->number, etc intrinsicsAndy Wingo
2018-04-10Remove unused make-closure opcode.Andy Wingo
2018-04-10Add $code CPS expression typeAndy Wingo
2018-04-10Add load-label instructionAndy Wingo
2018-04-10Remove dead code in CPS converterAndy Wingo
2018-04-10Remove char->integer from VMAndy Wingo
2018-04-10Instruction explosion for char->integerAndy Wingo
2018-04-10Remove integer->char opAndy Wingo
2018-04-10Instruction explosion for integer->charAndy Wingo
2018-04-10Remove string-set! VM opAndy Wingo
2018-04-10Explode "string-set!"Andy Wingo
2018-04-10Add string-set! intrinsicAndy Wingo
2018-04-09Remove now-unused string-length, string-refAndy Wingo
2018-04-09Lower string-ref in CPS conversionAndy Wingo
2018-04-08Add VM ops needed for string-refAndy Wingo
2018-04-08CPS conversion lowers string-lengthAndy Wingo
2018-03-31Remove specific instructions for add, etc from VMAndy Wingo
2018-03-30Compile some generic arithmetic to intrinsic callsAndy Wingo
2018-03-30Add instrinsics to runtimeAndy Wingo
2018-01-22Use make-struct/simple in tree-ilAndy Wingo
2018-01-22Use make-struct/simple in psyntaxAndy Wingo
2018-01-22Remove unneeded assembly shuffle routines.Andy Wingo
2018-01-22Remove free-ref, free-set!Andy Wingo
2018-01-22Remove VM struct-ref, etc instructionsAndy Wingo
2018-01-22Remove optimizer and backend support for struct opsAndy Wingo
2018-01-22Lower "make-struct/simple" to CPSAndy Wingo