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2010-07-22Update AUTHORS to reflect now-removed guile-snarf-docs-texi; nfc.Thien-Thi Nguyen
2010-07-22[maint] Remove unused script guile-doc-snarf.Thien-Thi Nguyen
* doc/ref/tools.texi (Doc Snarfing): Don't mention guile-doc-snarf. * (libguile/guile-doc-snarf): Delete ‘GUILE_CONFIG_SCRIPT’. * libguile/ (noinst_SCRIPTS): Remove guile-doc-snarf. * libguile/.gitignore: Remove guile-doc-snarf. * libguile/ Delete file. * module/scripts/doc-snarf.scm: Comment munging; nfc. * AUTHORS: Update.
2008-12-12Add more files that I wrote to the list in AUTHORSNeil Jerram
* AUTHORS (Neil Jerram): Several files added.
2008-12-07Several new hash table tests, written by Gregory Marton.Neil Jerram
* test-suite/tests/hash.test ("make-hash-table, hash-table?", "hash-set and hash-ref", "auto-resizing hashx", "hashx"): New tests. * AUTHORS, THANKS: Add Gregory Marton as a contributor.
2003-01-27*** empty log message ***Mikael Djurfeldt
2002-03-11*** empty log message ***Marius Vollmer
2001-10-09*** empty log message ***Rob Browning
2001-08-02*** empty log message ***Thien-Thi Nguyen
2001-08-01*** empty log message ***Thien-Thi Nguyen
2001-07-08* AUTHORS: add "many files throughout" for myself.Rob Browning
2001-07-03Added Greg Badros' many changes.Marius Vollmer
2001-06-30Updated my record.Martin Grabmüller
2001-06-27Updated my record.Martin Grabmüller
2001-06-18 Some updates.Martin Grabmüller
2001-06-17Add entry for Keisuke Nishida.Thien-Thi Nguyen
2001-06-16*** empty log message ***Marius Vollmer
2001-06-05Added authorship information.Martin Grabmüller
2001-06-05* Added Jost to THANKS and AUTHORS list.Dirk Herrmann
* Updated my personal authoring data.
2001-06-03*** empty log message ***Gary Houston
2001-06-03*** empty log message ***Marius Vollmer
2001-06-02*** empty log message ***Michael Livshin
2001-06-01*** empty log message ***Marius Vollmer
2001-05-14* AUTHORS (Martin Grabmueller): Remove obsolete file doc/srfi-13-14.texi.Martin Grabmüller
2001-05-14* AUTHORS (Martin Grabmueller): Added srfi-16.scm.Martin Grabmüller
* NEWS: Updated and corrected NEWS entries for SRFI modules.
2001-05-13(Martin Grabmueller, Thien-Thi Nguyen): Update.Thien-Thi Nguyen
2001-05-07* Add docs-related authorship information.Neil Jerram
2001-05-06*** empty log message ***Rob Browning
2001-05-04*** empty log message ***Martin Grabmüller
2001-04-27Some updates reflecting the latest SRFI-13/14/9 changes.Martin Grabmüller
2001-04-26*** empty log message ***Rob Browning
2000-03-14*** empty log message ***Mikael Djurfeldt
1999-12-04 * ports.c (scm_port_closed_p): new procedure, implementsGary Houston
"port-closed?" suggested by Bernard Urban. ports.h: added prototype, removed the SCM_P macros.
1999-07-26*** empty log message ***Jim Blandy
1999-01-10*** empty log message ***Mikael Djurfeldt
1998-12-23*** empty log message ***Mikael Djurfeldt
1998-11-22UpdatedMikael Djurfeldt
1998-02-01*** empty log message ***Mikael Djurfeldt
1998-01-24UpdatedMikael Djurfeldt
1997-04-24Changes for reduced Guile distribution: one configure script,Jim Blandy
no plugins. * Merged the old text from qt/ and libguile/; Tom Tromey says automake only wants one script. This seems fishy, but... * List the subdirectories explicitly; no more PLUGIN gubbish. * acconfig.h, acinclude.m4: Moved here from libguile, since libguile's configure script lives here now. * AUTHORS, INSTALL, README: Updated. *, aclocal.m4 configure: Regenerated. Just like amputated amphibian limbs.
1997-04-14Merged info about GH authorship (just updated what was already here, really).Jim Blandy
1997-02-10synchingMark Galassi
1996-11-10*** empty log message ***Jim Blandy
1996-10-15*** empty log message ***Jim Blandy
1996-10-14*** empty log message ***Mikael Djurfeldt
1996-10-14*** empty log message ***Jim Blandy
1996-10-11*** empty log message ***Jim Blandy
1996-09-03*** empty log message ***Jim Blandy
1996-08-30*** empty log message ***Jim Blandy
1996-08-15cat =log1Jim Blandy