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2017-11-29Merge until e0bcda4ad940c4e15679cc2b229838b33acdd36c from stable-2.2Andy Wingo
2017-10-31Remove scm_generalized_vector_get_handleDaniel Llorens
2017-10-31Remove documentation on uniform-vector-read!, uniform-vector-writeDaniel Llorens
2017-09-25Merge 'stable-2.2'Andy Wingo
2017-09-25Add struct-ref/unboxed, struct-set!/unboxedAndy Wingo
2017-09-23Merge 'stable-2.2'Andy Wingo
2017-09-23Deprecate opaque struct fieldsAndy Wingo
2017-09-22Merge stable-2.2 into masterAndy Wingo
2017-09-22Deprecate struct "self" slotsAndy Wingo
2017-09-22Deprecate make-structAndy Wingo
2017-09-14Document class redefinition changeAndy Wingo
2017-05-21web: add support for URI-referenceAndy Wingo
2017-05-17readline: Avoid interpreting control characters in pastes.Andy Wingo
2017-04-21Update NEWS some moreAndy Wingo
2017-04-21Update NEWS.Andy Wingo
2017-04-19Update NEWSAndy Wingo
2017-04-18Add sandboxed evaluation facilityAndy Wingo
2017-04-18Update NEWSAndy Wingo
2017-03-28Add allow-legacy-syntax-objects? parameterAndy Wingo
2017-03-14Update NEWSAndy Wingo
2017-03-10Update NEWSAndy Wingo
2017-03-07Add thread local fluidsAndy Wingo
2017-03-01Update NEWS for prerelease.Andy Wingo
2017-03-01Update NEWSAndy Wingo
2017-03-01Document 'scm_to_uintptr_t' and 'scm_from_uintptr_t'.Ludovic Courtès
2017-03-01Remove 'umask' calls from 'mkdir'.Ludovic Courtès
2017-02-23Fix typo in old NEWS.Andy Wingo
2017-02-18Update NEWS for 2.1.7.Andy Wingo
2017-02-18Fold 2.1.6 NEWS changesAndy Wingo
2017-02-14Elide syscalls in fdes->portAndy Wingo
2017-01-19Update NEWS.Andy Wingo
2016-12-06Update NEWS.Andy Wingo
2016-12-05Reimplement dynamic statesAndy Wingo
2016-11-22Add NEWS item about mutexesAndy Wingo
2016-11-21Deprecate dynamic rootsAndy Wingo
2016-11-21Update join-thread docsAndy Wingo
2016-11-06Update NEWS.Andy Wingo
2016-11-01Deprecate critical sectionsAndy Wingo
2016-10-31Remove thread cleanup facilityAndy Wingo
2016-10-27cancel-thread via asyncs, not pthread_cancelAndy Wingo
2016-10-23Move thread bindings to (ice-9 threads)Andy Wingo
2016-10-17NEWS item for deprecated user asyncsAndy Wingo
2016-10-17Deprecate arbitersAndy Wingo
2016-10-17Fold 2.1.4 news into 2.2 newsAndy Wingo
2016-09-14Update NEWS.Andy Wingo
2016-08-04Implement R6RS custom binary input/output portsAndy Wingo
2016-07-25Allow mkstemp! to have optional "mode" argumentAndy Wingo
2016-07-25Update NEWSAndy Wingo
2016-06-29Update NEWSAndy Wingo
2016-06-21Importing modules with #:select no longer grovels private bindingsAndy Wingo