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2016-05-22Thank David and Kouhei.Ludovic Courtès
2016-05-22Thank Ricardo.Ludovic Courtès
2014-11-11Fix strerror error handling when given a non-integer argument.Mark H Weaver
2014-10-10scm_boot_guile: Gracefully handle the case where argc == 0.Mark H Weaver
2014-10-07Thank Per Bothner.Mark H Weaver
2014-10-01docs: Fix documented return type of 'scm_c_export'.Mark H Weaver
2014-08-26Thank Franck.Ludovic Courtès
2014-06-01Mark system async functions as SCM_API.Mark H Weaver
2014-03-12Thank Paul.Ludovic Courtès
2014-02-27SRFI-18: Export 'current-thread'.Mark H Weaver
2014-01-21Write out HTTP Basic auth headers correctly.Mark H Weaver
2014-01-17Thank Sree Harsha.Ludovic Courtès
2013-12-21Thank Aleix.Ludovic Courtès
2013-12-13THANKS Tom Tromey.Mark H Weaver
2013-11-18THANKS David ThompsonMark H Weaver
2013-09-30Fix minor mistakes in documentation.Mark H Weaver
2013-09-13Fix truncated documentation for 'put-char'.Mark H Weaver
2013-09-10THANKS Alexandru CojocaruMark H Weaver
2013-06-17Fix bug in remqueue in threads.c when removing last element.Mark H Weaver
2013-04-09Update `THANKS'.Ludovic Courtès
2013-04-09Minor 'THANKS' fix.Mark H Weaver
2013-04-09Fix alignment in 'THANKS'.Mark H Weaver
2013-04-09Update bug report section of 'THANKS'.Mark H Weaver
2013-04-09Update 'THANKS'.Mark H Weaver
2013-03-27Use BT Templeton's preferred name.Chris K. Jester-Young
2013-03-27Thanks Chris K. Jester-Young.Mark H Weaver
2013-02-28Fix duplicate removal of with-fluids.Mark H Weaver
2012-12-07Thanks Jozef Chraplewski.Mark H Weaver
2012-11-26Update thanksIan Price
2012-10-12Thanks Daniel Hartwig.Mark H Weaver
2012-07-02Update `THANKS'.Ludovic Courtès
2012-07-02doc: Remove reference to `closure?', now deprecated.Ludovic Courtès
2012-06-20Update `THANKS'.Ludovic Courtès
2012-04-22Thank Klaus.Ludovic Courtès
2011-03-10Thanks, Aidan.Ludovic Courtès
2011-02-14update THANKSAndy Wingo
2011-02-14update thanksAndy Wingo
2011-02-14Thank RalfNeil Jerram
2011-01-27fix THANKSAndy Wingo
2011-01-27fix error handling in variable-ref family of instructionsAndy Wingo
2011-01-26fix THANKSAndy Wingo
2011-01-26fix error-handling of apply to non-listAndy Wingo
2011-01-26fix format ~f documentation for width combined with overflowcharAndy Wingo
2011-01-23Augment `THANKS'.Ludovic Courtès
2011-01-15Manual page fixesNeil Jerram
2010-11-15fix string->number for bases > 16Andy Wingo
2010-10-31Promote regex doc out of the `Simple Data Types' sectionNeil Jerram
2010-09-23Fix bug #31081 (`lookahead-u8' returns an s8.)Ludovic Courtès
2010-07-13ctrl-d with readline exits one recursive repl instanceAndy Wingo
2010-06-17Remove outdated sponsorship info from `THANKS'.Ludovic Courtès