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2018-01-05Add (system base optimize) moduleAndy Wingo
2018-01-03$throw is a new kind of CPS termAndy Wingo
2017-12-27Remove inline-constructors passAndy Wingo
2017-12-27Inline "elide-values" optimization into CPS conversionAndy Wingo
2017-12-27Refactor lowering of Tree-IL primcalls to CPSAndy Wingo
2017-11-24Add integer devirtualization pass.Andy Wingo
2017-10-25Add (system base types internal).Andy Wingo
2016-11-16Add handle-interrupts inst and compiler passAndy Wingo
2016-07-10Add meta/build-envAndy Wingo
2016-06-25Add -Wmacro-use-before-definitionAndy Wingo
2016-04-15Load port bindings in separate (ice-9 ports) moduleAndy Wingo
2016-01-29Distribute prebuilt bootstraps for common hostsAndy Wingo
2012-03-05Merge branch 'bt/elisp'BT Templeton
2011-11-23Allow $GUILE_FOR_BUILD to use its own environment when cross-compiling.Ludovic Courtès
2011-11-22load boot.elBT Templeton
2011-11-22Run `guild compile' with `--target=$(host)'.Ludovic Courtès
2011-05-31rename `guile-tools' to `guild'Andy Wingo
2011-03-25Inline the effect of am/pre-inst-guileNeil Jerram
2011-03-25Remove unused definition of preinstguiletoolNeil Jerram
2010-10-10Compile with `-Wformat'.Ludovic Courtès
2010-09-12Create tags for Scheme sourceNeil Jerram
2010-08-27Revert "don't autocompile while snarfing"Andy Wingo
2010-08-27don't autocompile while snarfingAndy Wingo
2010-07-26Check for go/scm mtime ordering rather than equality.Ludovic Courtès
2010-06-18Use AM_SILENT_RULES to pare down build output, ignore auto-generated filesNo Itisnt
2009-11-08Compile with `-Warity-mismatch'.Ludovic Courtès
2009-10-22Compile Guile modules with `-Wunbound-variable'.Ludovic Courtès
2009-06-17Change Guile license to LGPLv3+Neil Jerram
2009-06-04propagate timestamps to installed .scm and .go filesAndy Wingo
2009-06-04fix .go installationAndy Wingo
2009-06-03implement autocompilationAndy Wingo
2009-06-03install .go files under $libdir, not $datadirAndy Wingo
2009-03-27rely on getrlimit to DTRT, don't make stack calibration fileAndy Wingo
2009-03-27allow building against uninstalled guile; move some things to meta/Andy Wingo
2009-03-26Run the stack calibration script before running the compiler.Ludovic Courtès
2009-02-24Aggregate makefiles for `module/system' and `module/language'.Ludovic Courtès
2009-02-24use nobase in am/guilecAndy Wingo
2009-02-21Fix `.go' compilation for $(builddir) != $(srcdir).Ludovic Courtès
2008-11-01move to am/guilecAndy Wingo
2008-09-12Add `ChangeLog-2008' files to the distribution.Ludovic Courtès
2008-09-12Rename `ChangeLog' files to `ChangeLog-2008'.Ludovic Courtès
2008-09-11Remove `.cvsignore' files.Ludovic Courtès
2006-04-17merge from 1.8 branchKevin Ryde
2005-05-23The FSF has a new address.Marius Vollmer
2002-04-11*** empty log message ***Rob Browning
2002-04-11* .cvsignore: add Makefile and Browning
2002-04-01*** empty log message ***Thien-Thi Nguyen
2002-04-01Remove "if MAINTAINER_MODE" conditional.Thien-Thi Nguyen
2002-03-31*** empty log message ***Thien-Thi Nguyen
2002-03-31(am_frags): Add "maintainer-dirs".Thien-Thi Nguyen