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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2009-02-01no disasm in measure.scmAndy Wingo
2009-01-12remove a paranoid define; fix bitrot in measure.scm.Andy Wingo
2008-11-20late-variable-{ref,set} -> toplevel-{ref,set}Andy Wingo
2008-08-07build fixesAndy Wingo
2008-05-25Updated loop disassemblyAndy Wingo
2008-05-25Speed up the self-tail-recursive case (1x->2x)Andy Wingo
2008-05-02cleanups in syntax.scmAndy Wingo
2008-04-25* src/objcodes.c (make_objcode_by_mmap): Fixed the error type when theLudovic Courtes
2008-04-25Fixed a stack leak. Now observing actual performance.Ludovic Court`es
2008-04-25Improved the VM's efficiency. The VM is as fast as the interpreter. :-(Ludovic Court`es