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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-04-20Restore libgc 7.2 compatibilityAndy Wingo
2017-04-19Add --with-bdw-gc and update READMEAndy Wingo
2017-03-14build: Compress with lzip too.Ludovic Courtès
2017-03-14configure detects which set of prebuilt binaries to useAndy Wingo
2017-03-06Check for working profiling and virtual itimersMike Gran
2017-03-02Revert "build: Compress with lzip too."Andy Wingo
2017-03-01build: Compress with lzip too.Ludovic Courtès
2017-02-21Fix make-polar signedness of zeros on macOSMatt Wette
2016-12-06Refine check for when atomics are available.Andy Wingo
2016-12-06Use readdir instead of readdir_rAndy Wingo
2016-11-27Ensure autoconf doesn't downgrade us to C99Andy Wingo
2016-08-31Require C99 to build Guile.Andy Wingo
2016-07-25Fix MinGW build errorAndy Wingo
2016-07-25More robust setuid, setgid, etc detectionAndy Wingo
2016-07-25build: Remove unneeded check for 'unsetenv'.Ludovic Courtès
2016-07-10Add meta/build-envAndy Wingo
2016-06-24Check for strtod_l before using it.Andy Wingo
2016-06-21Detect too-old libunistring at configure-time.Andy Wingo
2016-05-22build: Remove libguile/mkstemp.c, redundant with Gnulib.Ludovic Courtès
2016-05-22i18n: Check for non-POSIX strtol_l.Natanael Copa
2016-01-29Distribute prebuilt bootstraps for common hostsAndy Wingo
2015-10-23Use a bootstrapped -O0 compiler to compile the -O2 GuileAndy Wingo
2015-01-22Merge commit '5fac1a7ada362d78f13143acbc0ceca7f2f101de'Andy Wingo
2015-01-22Merge commit 'a7bbba05838cabe2294f498e7008e1c51db6d664'Andy Wingo
2014-12-03Add the 'guild' and 'guile' variables to 'guile-2.0.pc'.Ludovic Courtès
2014-10-14i18n: Add HAVE_USELOCALE as a requirement for USE_GNU_LOCALE_API.Mark H Weaver
2014-09-30Merge branch 'stable-2.0'Mark H Weaver
2014-07-04build: Support pthread builds without 'pthread_cancel' support (Android).Ludovic Courtès
2014-07-04build: Use 'LT_LIB_M' to determine whether -lm is needed.Ludovic Courtès
2014-07-03Unconditionally build and test the ice-9/popen module.Eli Zaretskii
2014-04-25Merge branch 'stable-2.0'Mark H Weaver
2014-04-24build: Honor program name transformation in 'guild'.Ludovic Courtès
2014-04-24build: Honor program name transformation in 'guild'.Ludovic Courtès
2014-03-12build: Fix Gnulib compilation when $builddir != $srcdir.Ludovic Courtès
2014-03-12Provide glthread/lock.h implementation in terms of Guile threads.Ludovic Courtès
2014-03-07Improve compliance with C standards regarding signed integer shifts.Mark H Weaver
2014-02-20build: Bail out when 'PKG_CHECK_MODULES' is missing.Ludovic Courtès
2013-12-12Merge branch 'stable-2.0'Mark H Weaver
2013-12-12Fix computation of LIBLOBJS.Tom Tromey
2013-11-22Remove tests and shims for pre-7.2 bdw-gc.Andy Wingo
2013-04-14Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/stable-2.0'Mark H Weaver
2013-04-10build: Tell `gen-scmconfig' whether the system has `struct timespec'.Ludovic Courtès
2013-04-09simplify configure checks for functionality provided by gnulibAndy Wingo
2013-03-30Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/stable-2.0'Mark H Weaver
2013-03-29build: Build and check (ice-9 popen) only when --enable-posix and HAVE_FORK.Ludovic Courtès
2013-03-29build: Remove redundant check for `struct timespec'.Ludovic Courtès
2013-03-28Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/stable-2.0'Mark H Weaver
2013-03-28Allow compilation with GMP < 5.0.0.Ludovic Courtès
2013-03-28Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/stable-2.0'Mark H Weaver
2013-03-22Add bindings for `sendfile'.Ludovic Courtès