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2018-04-27Silence R5RS build warnings by Makeinfo.Florian Pelz
2017-11-29Merge until 8e2314c46dc3aa98574d380a2c7cb782da643913 from stable-2.2Andy Wingo
2017-11-29Merge until e0bcda4ad940c4e15679cc2b229838b33acdd36c from stable-2.2Andy Wingo
2017-11-22foreign: Add 'uintptr_t' and 'intptr_t'.Matt Wette
2017-11-22Mention (ice-9 peg) module path.Arun Isaac
2017-11-22Convert `close' ref to xref.Arun Isaac
2017-10-31Fix sort, sort! for arrays with nonzero lower boundDaniel Llorens
2017-10-31Remove documentation on uniform-vector-read!, uniform-vector-writeDaniel Llorens
2017-09-25Merge 'stable-2.2'Andy Wingo
2017-09-25Add struct-ref/unboxed, struct-set!/unboxedAndy Wingo
2017-09-23Replace "pr" struct fields with "pw" fieldsAndy Wingo
2017-09-23Merge 'stable-2.2'Andy Wingo
2017-09-23Deprecate opaque struct fieldsAndy Wingo
2017-09-22Merge stable-2.2 into masterAndy Wingo
2017-09-22Deprecate struct "self" slotsAndy Wingo
2017-09-20Remove references to tail arrays in the documentationAndy Wingo
2017-09-14Document class redefinition changeAndy Wingo
2017-06-11doc: Document 'short' and 'unsigned-short' foreign types.Mark H Weaver
2017-05-22Update uri? documentation.Andy Wingo
2017-05-22Remove support for legacy syntax objects.Andy Wingo
2017-05-22Update effective version to 3.0Andy Wingo
2017-05-21web: add support for URI-referenceAndy Wingo
2017-05-17readline: Avoid interpreting control characters in pastes.Andy Wingo
2017-04-25Correct note about Gregorian reform in SRFI-19Zefram
2017-04-19Update release docsAndy Wingo
2017-04-19api-procedures.texi: typo: 'an' -> 'on'Sergei Trofimovich
2017-04-19Documentation typo tweakSergei Trofimovich
2017-04-19Document guile-2.2 cond-expand feature.Andy Wingo
2017-04-19Fix typo in fold-layout documentationAndy Wingo
2017-04-18Add sandboxed evaluation facilityAndy Wingo
2017-03-28Add allow-legacy-syntax-objects? parameterAndy Wingo
2017-03-10Revert "Fix "Scheme Syntax" info rendering"Andy Wingo
2017-03-09Fix a couple of typos in the docsVladislav Ivanishin
2017-03-09VM support for string-set!; slimmer read-stringAndy Wingo
2017-03-07Fix documentation buildAndy Wingo
2017-03-07Add thread local fluidsAndy Wingo
2017-03-06Check for working profiling and virtual itimersMike Gran
2017-03-05Can't recursively search DLLs with FFI on CygwinMike Gran
2017-03-01Fix makeinfo warningsAndy Wingo
2017-03-01Remove useless subsection from hooks documentationAndy Wingo
2017-03-01Fix scheme-scripts markup.Andy Wingo
2017-03-01doc: Describe -e (module) on equal footing with (@ ...).Arne Babenhauserheide
2017-03-01i18n: 'number->locale-string' guesses the minimum number of decimals.Ludovic Courtès
2017-03-01doc: Fix typo in site packages documentation.Georgi Kirilov
2017-03-01doc: Fix typo in keywords documentation.Georgi Kirilov
2017-03-01REPL Server: Guard against HTTP inter-protocol exploitation attacks.Mark H Weaver
2017-03-01Document 'scm_to_uintptr_t' and 'scm_from_uintptr_t'.Ludovic Courtès