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2011-01-08(web http): keys are always symbolsAndy Wingo
2010-12-02add simple web app examplesAndy Wingo
2009-11-24Use $(PATH_SEPARATOR) where appropriate.Ludovic Courtès
2009-11-24Properly quote the first argument to `AC_DEFINE{,_UNQUOTED}'.Ludovic Courtès
2009-06-19don't autocompile at installcheckAndy Wingo
2009-06-17Change Guile license to LGPLv3+Neil Jerram
2009-06-13Fix for make distcheckNeil Jerram
2009-04-21distcheck fixenAndy Wingo
2009-03-24Aggregate `' files under `examples/'.Ludovic Courtès
2008-09-12Add `ChangeLog-2008' files to the distribution.Ludovic Courtès
2008-09-12Rename `ChangeLog' files to `ChangeLog-2008'.Ludovic Courtès
2008-09-11Remove `.cvsignore' files.Ludovic Courtès
2008-01-22* srfi-39.scm: Update copyright statement to LGPL.Neil Jerram
2006-04-16merge from 1.8 branchKevin Ryde
2005-05-23The FSF has a new address.Marius Vollmer
2002-12-01* README: Added description of compat.Mikael Djurfeldt
2001-07-27Check in forgotten test scripts.Martin Grabmüller
2001-07-26Minor typo fix in NEWS.Martin Grabmüller
2001-07-19* box/.cvsignore: add .deps.Rob Browning
2001-07-19* box-module/.cvsignore: add .deps.Rob Browning
2001-07-14 * examples/modules/main: Use :renamer for specifying renaming procedure.Martin Grabmüller
2001-07-10*** empty log message ***Thien-Thi Nguyen
2001-07-10(display-version, display-help): Fix comment; nfc.Thien-Thi Nguyen
2001-07-09 * box-dynamic/README: Corrected sample session.Martin Grabmüller
2001-06-182001-06-18 Martin Grabmueller <>Martin Grabmüller
2001-06-14 * scripts/README, scripts/hello.scm, safe/untrusted.scm,Martin Grabmüller
2001-06-07Added scheme module file.Martin Grabmüller
2001-06-06 * box-dynamic-module/box-module.scm: New file.Martin Grabmüller
2001-06-05 * box-dynamic-module: New directory, implements the box type in aMartin Grabmüller
2001-06-02* .cvsignore: here and in all subdirectories listing Makefile andRob Browning
2001-05-31 * box-dynamic: New directory, implements the box type in a sharedMartin Grabmüller
2001-05-31Added the new `examples' directory to the distribution.Martin Grabmüller