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2011-03-06Have `gc-profile.scm' make sure it's on a Linux-based system.Ludovic Courtès
2011-03-06Add `gc-benchmarks/' to the distribution.Ludovic Courtès
2011-02-25Fix `gc-profile.scm'.Ludovic Courtès
2009-09-08Fix misleading comments in `gc-benchmarks/run-benchmark.scm'.Ludovic Courtès
2009-09-08Improve `gc-benchmarks/run-benchmark.scm'.Ludovic Courtès
2009-09-03Fix invalid syntax in `dynamic-input-large.sch' (gc-benchmarks).Ludovic Courtès
2009-06-17Change Guile license to LGPLv3+Neil Jerram
2009-03-27allow building against uninstalled guile; move some things to meta/Andy Wingo
2009-01-12Fixlet for `run-benchmark.scm'.Ludovic Courtès
2009-01-12gc-benchmarks: Adapt `gcold.scm' so that if conforms to the framework.Ludovic Courtès
2009-01-12gc-benchmarks: Add `gcold.scm', by Clinger, Hansen et al.Ludovic Courtès
2009-01-12gc-benchmarks: Add `run-benchmark.scm'.Ludovic Courtès
2009-01-12gc-profile: Show the result of `(version)'.Ludovic Courtès
2009-01-12gc-benchmarks: Allow the iteration count to be passed to `gc-profile.scm'.Ludovic Courtès
2009-01-12Import GC benchmarks from Larceny, by Hansen, Clinger, et al.Ludovic Courtès
2009-01-12gc-benchmarks: Add a Larceny/Twobit benchmark compatibility layer.Ludovic Courtès
2009-01-12Add GC benchmarks.Ludovic Courtès