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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2009-12-10add gbt macro to gdbinit, and fix a bug in program-arityAndy Wingo
2009-10-23callees now check their args, cons rest list, reserve localsAndy Wingo
2009-07-26fix vmstack gdb macro for new stack frame layoutAndy Wingo
2009-01-29static opcodes; refactor program/objcode division; use new assembly pipelineAndy Wingo
2008-12-26remove heap links in VM frames, incorporate vm frames into normal backtracesAndy Wingo
2008-10-18fix bug in self-tail-recursion with "external" variables; other sundriesAndy Wingo
2008-09-30fix some missed references when calling C functionsAndy Wingo
2008-09-25add gdbinit for debugging the vmAndy Wingo