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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-07-07Update git-version-gen.diff for current gnulibAndy Wingo
2015-10-25Revert "Update Gnulib to v0.1-603-g1d16a7b"Andy Wingo
2015-10-22Update Gnulib to v0.1-603-g1d16a7bAndy Wingo
2013-02-18Update to gnulib 0.0.7865-a828.Andy Wingo
2012-11-17Update Gnulib to v0.0-7695-g26c0590.Ludovic Courtès
2012-07-07Store the `git-version-gen' patch.Ludovic Courtès
2012-07-07Work around `gl_CANONICALIZE_LGPL' bug when cross-compiling to GNU/Hurd.Ludovic Courtès
2012-07-07Work around `gl_CANONICALIZE_LGPL' bug when cross-compiling.Ludovic Courtès
2012-07-06Use `clock-time' directly from Gnulib, but with a local patch.Ludovic Courtès
2012-07-06Update Gnulib to v0.0-7509-g98a2286.Ludovic Courtès
2012-02-18Don't fail when locale env. vars specify a dot-less locale name.Ludovic Courtès
2011-12-15Use Gnulib's `localcharset', with local patches.Ludovic Courtès