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2016-11-21Deprecate dynamic rootsAndy Wingo
2016-10-17Deprecate arbitersAndy Wingo
2016-09-06Add atomic boxesAndy Wingo
2016-08-30Add file descriptor finalizersAndy Wingo
2014-04-28Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/stable-2.0'Andy Wingo
2014-04-28New foreign object facility, to replace SMOBsAndy Wingo
2013-11-27Remove nonfunctional gdb interfaceAndy Wingo
2012-03-08add scm_i_set_finalizer, scm_i_add_finalizer, scm_i_add_resuscitatorAndy Wingo
2012-02-19add scm_i_set_finalizer, scm_i_add_finalizer, scm_i_add_resuscitatorAndy Wingo
2011-10-24remove weak pairs, rewrite weak vectorsAndy Wingo
2011-10-24add weak table implementationAndy Wingo
2011-10-23add weak setsAndy Wingo
2011-02-10deprecate primitive propertiesAndy Wingo
2010-08-08remove "discouraged" infrastructureAndy Wingo
2010-01-04add foreign value wrapperAndy Wingo
2009-12-01promises are in their own file nowAndy Wingo
2009-12-01factor copy-tree and cons-source out of eval.[ch]Andy Wingo
2009-11-15fold objects.[ch] into goops.[ch]Andy Wingo
2009-10-30Since support for "futures" in C has been completely disabled for someKen Raeburn
2009-09-14Merge `libguile-i18n' into `libguile'.Ludovic Courtès
2009-07-19uniform vector functions to their own fileAndy Wingo
2009-07-19generic vector ops to own fileAndy Wingo
2009-07-19move generic array foo out to its own fileAndy Wingo
2009-07-19rename unif.[ch] to arrays.[ch]Andy Wingo
2009-07-19rename ramap.[ch] to array-map.[ch]Andy Wingo
2009-06-17Change Guile license to LGPLv3+Neil Jerram
2009-05-28Import R6RS bytevectors and I/O ports from Guile-R6RS-Libs 0.2.Ludovic Courtès
2008-01-22* srfi-39.scm: Update copyright statement to LGPL.Neil Jerram
2006-04-17merge from 1.8 branchKevin Ryde
2005-05-23The FSF has a new address.Marius Vollmer
2004-10-27Include "libguile/srfi-4.h".Marius Vollmer
2004-09-24Include <gmp.h> outside of extern "C" block. (Note that numbers.hMarius Vollmer
2004-08-25Include srfi-13.h and srfi-14.h, do not include strop.h.Marius Vollmer
2004-08-02Include libguile/discouraged.h.Marius Vollmer
2003-04-20 * Removed uses of DEBUG_EXTENSIONS and DYNAMIC_LINKING toDirk Herrmann
2003-03-26Include "libguile/deprecated.h".Marius Vollmer
2003-01-23* libguile.h: #include "futures.h"Mikael Djurfeldt
2002-11-03* __scm.h (USE_THREADS, GUILE_ISELECT): Define whenMarius Vollmer
2002-05-10Added inclusion of "extensions.h".Marius Vollmer
2001-11-25Include "libguile/inline.h".Marius Vollmer
2001-08-31* Removed deprecated definitions.Dirk Herrmann
2001-06-20Removed tag.c and tag.h and all references.Martin Grabmüller
2001-06-16(scm_cond_t, scm_key_t, scm_mutex_t): Only define these when usingMarius Vollmer
2001-06-14Added deprecated section with the olde type names.Marius Vollmer
2001-04-29 * libguile.h: include rw.h.Gary Houston
2001-04-23 * (SUBDIRS): Added `srfi'.Martin Grabmüller
2001-03-06* Don't include libguile/dump.h any more.Dirk Herrmann
2001-02-03*** empty log message ***Keisuke Nishida
2001-01-31Added #include "libguile/rdelim.h".Mikael Djurfeldt
2000-10-25*** empty log message ***Mikael Djurfeldt