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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-01-10Remove obsolete rtl testsAndy Wingo
2017-11-29Merge until badcbd0fe955e0477ae98ed743b3f274d6e6f22d from stable-2.2Andy Wingo
2017-11-29Merge until e0bcda4ad940c4e15679cc2b229838b33acdd36c from stable-2.2Andy Wingo
2017-11-05error, scm-error primcalls expand to `throw'Andy Wingo
2017-10-31Support general arrays in random:hollow-sphere!Daniel Llorens
2017-10-31Fix bitvectors and non-zero lower bound arrays in truncated-printDaniel Llorens
2017-10-31Support non-zero lower bounds in array-slice-for-eachDaniel Llorens
2017-10-31Fix sort, sort! for arrays with nonzero lower boundDaniel Llorens
2017-10-31Allow scm_XXX_writable_elements on empty vectors, even if immutableDaniel Llorens
2017-10-30RTL test uses new instructionsAndy Wingo
2017-10-25Allow garbage collection of revealed file ports.Ludovic Courtès
2017-09-23Replace "pr" struct fields with "pw" fieldsAndy Wingo
2017-09-22Merge stable-2.2 into masterAndy Wingo
2017-09-22Deprecate make-structAndy Wingo
2017-09-14Implement class redefinition on top of fixed structsAndy Wingo
2017-06-15Correctly relativize file names in the presence of common prefixes.Ludovic Courtès
2017-05-21web: add support for URI-referenceAndy Wingo
2017-05-16On Hurd, skip tests that require working setrlimits for memoryManolis Ragkousis
2017-04-21Syntax objects are comparable with equal?Andy Wingo
2017-04-19Add srfi-19 ~f regression testAndy Wingo
2017-04-19Fix date->string ~f operator to not emit leading zerosAndy Wingo
2017-04-19Fixed bug: ~N mishandles small nanoseconds valueAndrew Moss
2017-04-19Fix test suite for constant literals changeAndy Wingo
2017-04-18Add sandboxed evaluation facilityAndy Wingo
2017-04-04Only run tests that require fork if it is providedMichael Gran
2017-03-31fix repl server test to allow for ECONNABORTEDMike Gran
2017-03-20i18n: locale-positive-separated-by-space? should return bool, not stringMike Gran
2017-03-20i18n: add tests for locale-digit-groupingMike Gran
2017-03-20i18n: add tests for locale AM/PMMike Gran
2017-03-20i18n: rename locale-monetary-digit-grouping to locale-monetary-groupingMike Gran
2017-03-14Better eval+promise+gc testAndy Wingo
2017-03-14Resolve unresolved alist test casesAndy Wingo
2017-03-13Nonlocal prompt returns cause all effectsAndy Wingo
2017-03-09Fix bug in comparison between real and complexDaniel Llorens
2017-03-07Fix new thread-local fluids testAndy Wingo
2017-03-07Add thread local fluidsAndy Wingo
2017-03-06Check for working profiling and virtual itimersMike Gran
2017-03-05Can't recursively search DLLs with FFI on CygwinMike Gran
2017-03-04Disable Turkish locale tests on CygwinMike Gran
2017-03-03Cygwin: skip tests that require working setrlimits for memoryMike Gran
2017-03-01i18n: 'number->locale-string' guesses the minimum number of decimals.Ludovic Courtès
2017-03-01i18n: Fix corner cases for monetary and number string conversions.Ludovic Courtès
2017-03-01tests: Choose a more plausible US English locale name.Ludovic Courtès
2017-03-01tests: Use 'pass-if-equal' for (ice-9 i18n) tests.Ludovic Courtès
2017-03-01i18n: Do not represent zero as "-0".Ludovic Courtès
2017-03-01tests: Avoid statprof test failure on systems without 'setitimer'.Ludovic Courtès
2017-03-01Disable REPL server tests if no threadsAndy Wingo
2017-03-01tests: Avoid race condition in REPL server test.Ludovic Courtès
2017-03-01tests: Throw 'unresolved when the REPL server is too slow.Ludovic Courtès
2017-03-01tests: Add REPL server test for CVE-2016-8606.Ludovic Courtès