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wip-translatability-pfbuilder: atom: Allow for different subtitles per page variant.Florian Pelz4 years
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2018-04-27builder: atom: Allow for different subtitles per page variant.wip-translatability-pfFlorian Pelz
2018-04-27site: Allow specifying variants in which to create each page.Florian Pelz
2018-04-27page: Allow for creating multiple files as variants for each page.Florian Pelz
2018-04-02Thank Jorge Maldonado Ventura.David Thompson
2018-04-02doc: Fix tarball download link.Jorge Maldonado Ventura
2018-03-19Thank Alex Kost.David Thompson
2018-03-10Bump to version 0.2.2.David Thompson
2018-03-10Makefile: Fix compiled Guile file installation directory.David Thompson
2017-12-21guix: Switch to Guile 2.2.Ludovic Courtès
2017-12-21serve: Fix 'file-extension' so that the right MIME type is chosen.Ludovic Courtès