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masterThis project is dead. Update README to reflect project status.Florian Pelz5 years
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2017-02-22This project is dead. Update README to reflect project status.HEADmasterFlorian Pelz
2016-09-17Give examples when warning of potential vulnerabilities.Florian Pelz
2016-08-04Fix pacman-key usage and add config file to specify keyrings.Florian Pelz
2016-07-31Use faster bare-user ostree repo instead of compressed archive-z2.Florian Pelz
2016-07-30Fix apostrophe in security warning message.Florian Pelz
2016-07-30Make sure formatting of loops and indentation is consistent.Florian Pelz
2016-07-30Fix environment variable default value handling.Florian Pelz
2016-07-30Fix use of non-ASCII codepoint.Florian Pelz
2016-07-18Add a HACKING file with some tips and todos.Florian Pelz
2016-07-18Warn users on repo creation that sandboxed apps can be dangerous too.Florian Pelz