AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-02-11Added SXPath for more complex SXML.HEADmasterFlorian Pelz
2018-02-11Attempt to incorporate some of Ricardo Wurmus’ XML msg alternative.Florian Pelz
2018-02-11Remove unused libgettextpo ffi-help files.Florian Pelz
2018-02-10Update PO files.Florian Pelz
2018-02-09Add NOTES on how to create MO files from PO files.Florian Pelz
2018-02-09Reinstate relevant NOTES.Florian Pelz
2018-02-08Switch to using ordinary gettext functions for translations.Florian Pelz
2018-02-08Adapt to use page variants.Florian Pelz
2018-02-08Add missing translation for theater blog post.Florian Pelz
2018-02-05Fix CSS for old stuff C exercises.Florian Pelz
2018-01-18Add post about theater plays.Florian Pelz
2018-01-18Fix workshop page with no registration.Florian Pelz
2018-01-18Publish Theater für Kappler Grundschulkinder.Florian Pelz
2017-12-28Fix alt text of screenshots.Florian Pelz
2017-12-28Add screenshot thumbnail and fixed width and height attributes.Florian Pelz
2017-12-16Fix a broken msgstr in de.po.Florian Pelz
2017-12-15Simplify top bar with lingua links.Florian Pelz
2017-12-15Remove TODO for format strings.Florian Pelz
2017-12-15Make use of multipart translations with __.Florian Pelz
2017-12-14Make all lines end after at most 80 characters.Florian Pelz
2017-12-14Add proper Gettext xerror handlers.Florian Pelz
2017-12-13Add multi-part translation function with __ syntax.Florian Pelz
2017-12-13Add NOTES on the load path to run Haunt on Guix right now.Florian Pelz
2017-12-12Fix po error handlers.Florian Pelz
2017-12-10Notes on ffi-helper usage were incomplete.Florian Pelz
2017-12-09Use Gettext PO files for translations with libgettextpo.Florian Pelz
2017-12-03Disable registration for GUI Programming with GTK+ 2017 workshop.Florian Pelz
2017-11-16Update handout 05 for GTK+ workshop: READMEs should contain license.Florian Pelz
2017-11-09Comment the code more.Florian Pelz
2017-11-03Add download links & files for the 2017 GTK+ workshop.Florian Pelz
2017-10-12Add post about my workshop „GUI Programming with GTK+“ in 2017Florian Pelz
2017-10-12Add overview page for 2017’s GTK+ workshop.Florian Pelz
2017-10-11Recreate GTK+ workshop homepage as SXML.Florian Pelz
2017-09-29For sidebar, use nav instead of div.Florian Pelz
2017-08-18Fix missing verb in the German version of the Maumau blog post.Florian Pelz
2017-08-18Add new post about the Maumau card game.Florian Pelz
2017-07-30Change post so that the download link points to the Don’t Hang page.Florian Pelz
2017-07-30Fix missing German translation on homepage.Florian Pelz
2017-07-30Publish Don’t Hang.Florian Pelz
2017-06-22Fix CSS for most recent post about employment contract.Florian Pelz
2017-06-21Add new post: Free software and the employment contract.Florian Pelz
2017-06-20Remove references to the University of Kaiserslautern on homepage.Florian Pelz
2017-06-01Fix indentation.Florian Pelz
2017-06-01Fix build-dir procedure to use a variable argument list.Florian Pelz
2017-06-01Reference Atom feeds in header.Florian Pelz
2017-05-27posts: Make atom feed link in German blogpost point to German feed.Florian Pelz
2017-05-25Fix apostrophes on homepage welcome paragraph.Florian Pelz
2017-05-25Add tags to posts on main page as well.Florian Pelz
2017-05-24Fix sidebar display for small browser width.Florian Pelz
2017-05-24Fix indentation.Florian Pelz