The Maumau card game

Fri 18 August 2017

The Maumau card game

Today I want to write about a game I liked a lot as a child: Maumau. Chance is a major component, although there is some room for strategic play. Its rules are not complicated but still interesting enough to be fun. This means it is easy to learn.

My grandmother and I think playing cards is a good way to enjoy time with her grandchildren, so I taught her Maumau. Well, she knew Maumau and had played it before, but had forgotten a lot. I drew up a flow chart:

I made it in LibreOffice instead of the usual LaTeX (and of course LibreOffice crashed once while making it, but still from a quick Web search LibreOffice currently seems like the better tool for the job). There’s also a rules description as pure text (with some braces added for clarity) in the *.txt version of the rules document for those who do not like flow charts.

There are many variations of this game all over the world. If you want to invent your own rules, feel free!

Of course there are many other fun card games. If you want a more complicated card game with a focus on strategy – which can be just as interesting as any action multi-player computer game –, try something like Texas Hold’em Poker (but don’t play for real money because then there would also be real losers).

Have fun!