Website redesigned

Wed 24 May 2017

It’s haunted!

After almost three years, I redesigned my website and added a blog, translations and Atom feeds. Some minor details are still subject to change, though. The software I use is Haunt. You can find the source code for my website here.

Once set up, Haunt allows me to publish a blog post file simply by placing it in the blog posts directory on the server and Haunt takes care of everything else.

Unlike other “content management systems”, Haunt creates static websites. This offers better server performance, more security and still all functionality I need from a blog. There is no log-in feature or editing posts from a Web browser, but placing files in a directory is just as easy.

(I also like how Haunt does not call itself a “content management system”, since “content management system” is a buzzword whose meaning is unintelligible to people unfamiliar with what it stands for.)

Since I heavily customized my website, the setup was a little tricky though. Haunt can easily be extended through Guile Scheme, but I still have a lot to learn. Scheme is a fairly simple language, but the vast collection of library functions built into Guile seems worth spending a lot more time on.